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Thriller Genres and Conventions
Why do Thriller as a genre?

Thriller is a diverse genre, which always sets the protagonist’s, is set against a problem escape, operation/mission, or enigmatic mystery which emphasis the danger that the protagonist is in. This always revolves around keeping the audience in suspense and in anticipation. This usually involves slowly building tension throughout the film leading to a tense and nerve-wracking climax.
Sub-Genres of Thriller
Action thriller
Action thrillers are a sub-genre of thriller use physical action to create suspense in the film. Action thriller uses similar styled scenes to that of a traditional action film such as continuous motion and action including physical stunts, chases, fights, battles, and races. This contributes to the overall sense of danger that the protagonist is facing.
Famous examples of Action thrillers: Die Hard, Kill Bill Vol.1, The Bourne Identity etc.

Crime Thriller
Crime Thriller is a sub-genre of thriller, which incorporates a cat and mouse chase between the protagonist and the antagonist the antagonist is usually always ahead in the game until he is caught through arrogance or incompetence, which is usually centres on a serial killer, murderer, robbery, or a manhunt. As opposed to traditional crime films, the film revolves around both criminal and protagonist. Crime thrillers use both action and psychological aspects to build tension and suspense throughout the film either ending with the criminal escaping, dying, or being caught by the protagonist.Famous Examples include: The Fugitive etc.

Film Noir is not simply a sub-genre of the thriller genre, but is completely different and distinct with the visual style. Within the genre it would usually have a cynical protagonist, heavily relying on narrative and flashbacks the story. Sunset Boulevard, The Maltese Falcon, Sweet Smell of Success.
Psychological Thriller
A psychological thriller sticks to many conventions of thrillers however instead of a physical threat it is usually from the mind or the protagonists . The protagonist

Science fiction Thriller
Science Fiction Thriller incorporates a hypothetical scenario with themes related to science within the plot of the film. The Sci-Fi thriller conventions usually include, heroes, villains, unexplored locations, quests, and advanced technology. These elements can be used in a Science Fiction Thriller to create anticipation and suspense. Often, this sub-genre will explore the “future-gone-bad” theme, including plots that revolve around alien invasions, dystopian scenarios, and super-diseases. Famous examples include: aliens, predator, The Road.
Religious Thriller
Religious Thriller film that incorporates religious themes,it's conventions including religious questions, ceremonies, and objects/paraphernalia. Though some films can be located around a specific church, many Religious Thrillers include supernatural experiences not just pertaining to a certain religion. Exorcisms, demon possession, and church cover-ups are typical themes in Religious Thrillers.Famous examples include: The Da Vinci Code

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