Sunday, 23 March 2014

Script  Redraft

This is the redraft of the script.

Protagonist wakes up
sits Up.
(Shot is close up of eye, Zooms out revealing the his room)
(By voices)
Looks outside by opening curtains, protagonist looks uncomfortable.
(This shot is over the shoulder)
(Music score starts 'creepy music')
Sees figure, the figure has been looking into the window.
(This is shot from over the shoulder of the antagonist)
Antagonist is walking purposefully away then pauses, turns back and looks again into the bedroom window.
(This is shot from the view of the antagonist)
Figure disappears from corner of the street.
(Shot from the street pan?)
Protagonist turns around looking unnerved and makes his way downstairs.
(Shot from the bottom of the stairs looking up)
Protagonist home phone rings he answers it, says "hello?" apprehensively.
(Done from over the shoulder onto the
Phone cuts off
(Sound of dial tone)
Protagonist heads towards kitchen stops when phone rings again.
(Mid-range shot of the protagonists in the foreground with phone ringing in the background)
Protagonist answers phone again saying "hello?" accusingly and annoyed
Friend replies saying, "You alright mate, you seem a bit freaked out? It’s me"
(Split screen of conversation)
Protagonist replies "Nah mate you already here?"
Friend replies "No? you know what I’ve been doing. Why?"
Protagonist replies saying "You still coming over?"
Friend says "Yeah, when should I come round?"
Protagonist replies saying "As soon as possible"
Friend says "Alright I’ll be round in a bit" *hangs up phone*
(Split screen ends to ‘Friend’ who looks puzzled fades)
Fades to protagonist in kitchen fridge (Fridge shot) getting a milk (to deal w/t stress) and turns round to see figure by the window wearing a mask.
(Spills milk)
Instinctively runs away from the window towards front door.
Door bell rings
(Mid range shot cutting to him running to the door)
Door bell goes off.
(Close up of finger pressing on doorbell)
Door opens
(Shot )
Friend looks surprised standing at door “You alright? you look like shit”
Protagonist then says "There's someone in the house"
Scene ends as he is walking in the house.

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