Sunday, 23 March 2014

Discussion on Target Audience

Getting the insight into a set demographic relies on numerous and hard to predict factors, the British Film Institute has statistics on popular film genres which helped with the genre selection process as well as allowing a small insight in to the mindset of the target audience.

This table shows what people in the general public consider their favourite genre with our chosen genre Thriller/Suspense with 26% with three genres chosen by the general public.

This survey shows what genre the general public typically enjoys watching with our chosen genre being thriller this means if the film was released in the cinema and was publicized right we would get a respectable turnout. 

Here is the more in depth look at the target audience looking at the psychographic groups which looks at the segmentation of the target audience by showing a breakdown of the audiences personality allowing a in depth look at the market.

This is the age and gender range of people who typically watch thriller /horror  turnout is mostly male 15-34

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